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Those were the Movies, This is Real!

A belief in the Universal Force, be it Energy, God, Chi, Nature, or Science, is more than just a fictional concept. The ways of the Jedi are ancient and fundamental. Its wisdom has always been there for those who sought it.

Jediism is a spiritual path that developed from the works of George Lucas and his Star Wars saga. Today Jediism or the Jedi Realist movement is followed by thousands of people world-wide and is recognized as a religion. Here is where Eastern philosophy intersects with metaphysics, psychology, and Judeo-Christian teachings. The ancient sage, Nostradamus, prophesized a “religion of the seas,” or the force. Jediism may very well be the next great religion. It remains to be seen if it will retain the name "Jedi" or be called by a different name, but it is indeed, the religion of the seas.

The Maryland Jedi Order is not a role-playing group, nor is it intended to just be an outlet for Star Wars enthusiasts. We have a spiritual focus and remain neutral regarding differing religions.

At the Maryland Jedi Order you can meet with others who know that life and meaning are more than meets the eye. Learn practical concepts and techniques to better yourself and those around you. Bring your own wisdom to share with the group. Some key words here are: Healing, Martial Arts, Service, Psychic Awareness, Peace Making, Faith, Personal Path, Growth, Tolerance, Philosophy, Self Control... 

To attend our gatherings, sign up at our Jedi Meetup Group

I hope you will join us if you want to make a difference in your life and those around you by taking the path of the Jedi!

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Our Purpose:

The Maryland Jedi Order does not emphasize religion in the traditional sense. We are likeminded individuals who follow a personal path to enlightenment. This means different things to different people, but as a group, we recognize a Living Force and commit to making our lives and the world a better place. We follow the laws of the land, serve others, and strive to do and be what is right and good. We shall also teach the wisdom we learn to those curious and agreeable to learning, growing, and serving.

May the light of the Force guide you and be with you, always.

--Master Zindel 

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The Maryland Order has completed today (6/21/12) our "Jediism: Philosophy and Practice." This book is a three in one volume, including all of Matthew Vossler's Jedi manuals along with a new forward and other improvements.

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The Maryland Order has completed today (6/22/09) our "Jedi Manual  Basic - Introduction to Jedi Knighthood"  This manual covers:

  1. What it means to be a Knight
  2. Becoming a Knight
  3. Jedi Philosophy and Religion
  4. Scientific Backing
  5. Dealing with Sith and Other Practical Applications

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And, Jedi Manual Intermediate - The Path of Truth, is now available

From Jedi Manual Intermediate:

Jedi Manual Intermediate, The Path of Truth, focuses the study. If “Basic,” is a summary of the many aspects, “Intermediate,” is a focus on the essential. It provides you with many more tools for your path of evolution and helps you find the right questions to ask yourself; questions designed to help you delve deep within to find your own answers. It is your answers that ultimately are the truth; your truth. And it is with truth that Jedi are armed for making the world a better place for themselves and others.


I. Why be a Jedi? What stops me?

II. The Struggle with Dark Forces

III. Honesty – The Spark of Light

IV. Finding Your Path

V. Living Your Path

VI. The Struggle – Part Two

VII. The Power of Yielding

VIII. Winning in Truth

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Finally, now available: Jedi Mastery, Path of the Immortals

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About Master Zindel:

"I am a teacher, writer, and parent to two beautiful young ones. I have practiced the ways of the Jedi for years without putting a name to it. I am a Star Wars and Star Trek fan, but I am not a gamer. To me life is the best game of all, so that is where I focus my activities. To me being a Jedi Master means that I am committed to improving myself, the conditions around me, and passing on wisdom to those agreeable to learning." 


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Science, String Theory, and Jedi Mysticism

By Master Zindel 

String theory came about in an attempt to find one theory for everything in the universe. It was one of Einstein’s great ambitions, which he didn’t get to finish. Those who came after him built upon it. String Theory is what was developed and it holds that the fundamental building blocks of matter are microscopic filaments of vibrating energy that are in the shape of a string, millions of times smaller than electrons, protons, and neutrons.  

This theory takes the idea of our 3 dimensional world plus time (= 4 dimensions) and mathematically and conceptually adds 6 more dimensions. These extra dimensions are microscopic in size so we cannot perceive them. After a while of studying string theory, physicists ran into a problem. They found that there were really 5 string theories and they could not mathematically account for these theories existing among themselves simultaneously. 

Meanwhile, there was another theory making a sensation in the scientific circles called Super Gravity theory. This theory accounted for a total of 10 dimensions plus time, and that meant according to this theory there are 11 dimensions in total.  

The string theorists grabbed on to this and did some math. This was a very exciting time within the community, for the physicists believed that they might finally be onto a unified theory of everything. This 11th dimension was seen by the string theorists as a way to unite the 5 different string theories so that they can all make sense. The result of this was something called M theory, where M stands for membrane. It now appears that the universe is not only made up of strings of vibrating energy, but that the strings are all woven together like a giant quilt or membrane.  

So what all of this means to me is that the fundamental makeup of our universe; space time and every thing that is called matter, is energy. Big surprise, huh? Since this energy vibrates in different frequencies, accounting for the diversity of matter around us it seems to me that the implications are kind of profound. What we call Jedi mysticism is continually being proven by science.

So when someone tells you that Jedi mysticism is nothing but foolishness, ask them if they realize that there is more not there than is there to the chair they sit on. For this is true; there is vastly more space between all the electrons, protons, and neutrons that make up the chair than there is of the any real material. Then they might ask, what’s the matter with you? And you would answer, “Exactly! What’s the matter with me is really all energy.” At this point I am sure that you have lost them, but probably some day they will get it and much more than that!


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